Not Quite “Night of the Iguana”…

While out in the back yard tonight I was fortunate to see a Blue Tongue Lizard. I’d just walked up the path towards the back half of the block when I turned around to see Tigga wandering up the path behind me in her usual “he needs to be supervised” manner. Then I noticed her stop with that look of “well, there’s something I haven’t seen before“.

I followed her line of sight and realised I’d just walked past a Blue Tongue Lizard. It was probably a teenager, as it was barely three centimetres in diameter and less than 30cm in total length. It was also moulting, and trying to catch a last bit of the evening sun.

I was amused to watch her approach it and then jump back about a metre after it hissed at her and poked out its big blue tongue! I had hopes of ducking back inside to grab the a camera, but I’d not moved more than about 3 metres before it took shelter under the old cubby that’s in the back yard.

Clearly I will have to keep my eyes open for another opportunity. I have to say I’ve not seen one up close out here for a number of years, and I’ve certainly not seen evidence of one on the property since I bought it five years ago.

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