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  • Not Toblerone Cheesecake but still a treat…

    2014 - 02.23

    In my pursuit to rid myself of the Perils of Microsoft outside of work hours, I’ve just about completely retired the PC. Over the last 12 months I’ve changed my approach to it and only turn it on when necessary. Let’s face it, I’ve not been using Windows for anything other than games at home for several years now. Yes I have a beefy PC, but really I’ve not been using it for much other than games since I started using the Intel Macs. This week I received my most recent addition: 27″ iMac with 256 Gig SSD, Nvidia GTX 780, 32 Gig RAM. Couple that with a 4TB USB 3 external (soon to be Thunderbolt hopefully) and I’ve pretty much given the PC it’s last call.

    Basically it’s this year’s treat.

    The last couple of years I’ve been busy making the most of the $AU for overseas shopping with regard to Photography Equipment. Now that the $AU is losing it’s ground, I will now be consolidating my Photography skills & techniques with the very good gear I’ve managed to accumulate thanks to the value for money overseas shopping has provided the last couple of years. Hopefully this year I will manage to come up with some solution for my Studio needs, and be getting a few shots into some of the competitions I’ve been watching over the last couple of years. I honestly believe I’m getting to a point where I can submit some work. No doubt I’ll be getting some arse kicking once I start submitting, but sooner or later something positive will come of my efforts. I’ve manage to turn one hobby into a career / income, hopefully I can do it again.

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