Good Glass…

About six weeks ago I picked up a new lens, the Tamron Di 150mm – 600mm. I’ve been so impressed with it that I am in awe of it’s performance considering it’s price to the big name “equivalents”. I use the work “equivalent” with some “looseness” given that so far none of the Nikon or Canon lenses have the range and are at least $4000 more expensive.

I bought it mainly for wildlife photography, and had the idea of using it for some sports shooting too. So far it’s provided amazing performance. The critics reviewed it quite favourably although indicated a drop in performance at the last 50mm of the range. However, can’t say that I’ve noticed that much drop: considering my savings of a bit over $3500 from the closest Nikon currently available. My one comment is that it DOES need plenty of light, having a minimum aperture range of F5 – F6.3. I’ll be putting some shots up on Mirrormere very soon, just need to catch up on a few imports. I am even making an effort to try and get to some sports events! I went to shoot the Cycling at Buninyong last weekend, and shot about 750 shots, and culled it down to 500 or so after sorting through.

A friend of a friend was riding in the race, and here’s one of him (Nat) on his first lap.

Nat on Lap 1 – Sat 4th Oct 2104

Here’s another one of a pleased rider.

Made it!

I also sent an email around work asking for “pet” models, and was very surprised at the response. I have had probably about a dozen responses. So many that it’s going to take me several weeks to organise such shots. I even got an offer of a Bonsai collection to shoot.

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