Shards of the Futures Seen…

Well it’s been a pretty good week so far. Work’s been OK, things seem to be settling back down there now.

Saturday was a day wandering about around home in the yard with the camera, picking up odd shots here & there including catching the Tiggakat napping. I also managed and a chunk of reading up on photography in a variety of aspects ranging from the technical through to the philosophical.

Sunday morning I was off to the World Rowing Masters Regatta at Lake Wendouree. Still working on the shots, really haven’t even given them a good initial culling yet. I’ll slip some up later during the week. Probably one here, and anymore on Mirrormere when I get to them. I have to say that Tiggakat’s birthday present of Binoculars was very helpful. Clever little Furbag managed to buy me a set that magnify to about the same factor as my Tamron 150mm – 600mm. Makes shooting and composing quite a deal easier.

I’m currently in the process of deciding on a business card, and making the effort to start an increase in focus on Photography. Now that the depression appears to be managed to a significant stage of improvement; I think I’m going to start moving in a direction I’d like to see my future going towards. I have nearly a dozen requests for Pet Photos from people at work, so I will start organising them soon. I’ve clearly lost the “zest” for I.T. related work, but with almost 20 years in one form or another in this business now, it’s perhaps not surprising.

The weekend’s been great so far, photography both days, as well as the usual mundane tasks related to living. Housework, shopping, and tidying up a few small tasks that have been waiting a while.

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